The AeroPod is the world's most productive indoor agriculture solution. AeroGrow Manufacturing works directly with clients to plan and build the most optimal agriculture operation for their desired produce.

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Next-Level Automation

Scalable Design

Profitable Yields

The modular design of the AeroPod allows for horizontal and vertical scalability of your grow operation. Allowing your facility to scale as demand grows.

The AeroPod is outfitted with a proprietary monitoring and automation system that collects crucial grow data, utilizes machine learning, and automates the optimal grow environment 

Combining our automation, closed system, and vertical grow system the AeroPod has produced market leading yields of a variety of: Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, and Cannabis. 


AeroGrow Manufacturing is a subsidiary of (GRSO) Grow Solutions Holdings Inc. AeroGrow is the primary manufacturer of the AeroPod designed and tested by Farm Boys Design Corp. The AeroPod has been developed and tested over the past 2 years and has produced the highest aeroponic yields when compared to all other competitors in the market.  AeroGrow manufactures custom indoor agriculture solutions of varying scales utilizing the AeroPod technology.




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